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The main focus of my work is building brand identity. My mission is to position you, your brand, or your product behind the drivers seat on your way to success. I work hand in hand with my clients and listen to their specific wants and needs to figure out just how we can bring their vision to life! Together I help you build an authentic and unique voice, so you can connect with your network and drive business to your doorstep.

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Beast of the Green Hell is a commercial I directed, filmed, and produced while working with Mercedes-Benz of Austin. The commercial features the Green Hell Magno GT-R. For this project Leo Kopec played our child talent who was going about his day playing with his favorite model of car and getting ice cream. When he walks around the corner, boom! His dream car is sitting right before his eyes.

In 2019 this commercial ended up winning the Gold Peoples Telly Award for Best Local TV Commercial.


Advance is a commercial I directed, co-filmed with Shelby Rae, edited, acted, and produced. It was the first commercial I ever acted in as well!

When meeting with my clients at First Texas Honda we were discussing our target audience for the commercial, which was decided to be young professionals just out of college. As we discussed further the GM said “We need someone like you Karl, you drive an Accord, right?” He was right, a few months prior I had purchased my first vehicle, a 2019 Honda Accord. At this moment my storyboard began. I based the story line off of my career. When I moved to Austin I was serving at a restaurant while trying to land a video producer job. I drove a beat up vehicle that barely got me to and from work. Every night I would apply to jobs for hours with hopes of being able to pursue my dream.

In 2019 this commercial ended up winning the Silver Peoples Telly Award for Best Local TV Commercial

Stay on Pointe.

Stay on Pointe. Is a commercial I directed/produced while working at Continental Automotive Group to promote the Mercedes-Benz 2020 C 300 sedan. I wanted to compare the elegance of this vehicle to a ballerina. Turned out that one of the people on our marketing team (Bonnie Hollyer) had a background in dance/ballet so we used her as our actor in this spot.

This was my first Black & White commercial I had ever made, and I wanted it to be fast paced but also elegant.

Come and Take it.

Come and Take it. is a commercial I directed/produced to promote the AMG lineup of vehicles for Mercedes-Benz of Austin. Whenever I have worked on a project involving several different vehicles I have felt I had to make it very fast paced to be able to fit it into the 30 second window.

This was a fun project that took A LOT of planning. I enjoyed doing the sound design of the vehicles on different terrain, as I wanted to show the different capabilities of each vehicle. I scouted out four different locations, that would show city, off-road, water, and open roads. The final shot being all of the vehicles together itself was a lot of coordination to get the vehicles to that dirt area, and I was very pleased with the result!

Fishy Business Sportfishing | Cape Cod, MA

In 2020 I was hired by Fishy Business Sportfishing to make a promotional video for their social media accounts and website. This charter is based in Plymouth, MA, but they travel all throughout the South Shore and Cape Cod to ensure their guests are landing 20-30 fish when joining their charter.

The business is ran by two brothers Ben and Matt Maher who have been on fishing off the coast of Massachusetts since they were kids. Their knowledge and expertise of the water is evident from the moment they have you cast out your line.

Plume Algiers | New Orleans, LA

Plume Algiers opened in late July, 2020. I was hired by executive chef Tyler Stuart to go down to come film & document their incredible restaurant that serves up regional Indian cuisine.

Tyler wanted me to focus on four things for this video; the food, the location, their story, and the members in their community. Algiers is a little neighborhood just over a mile away from the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA that is bursting with character and community. Tyler and his girlfriend Merritt were set on opening their restaurant in this area because it has become home to them.

This video shows the story of Merritt and Tyler. This couple traveled to 10 different parts of India in 2017 on a mission to learn the proper ways of cooking Indian cuisine. They returned being fed up with how Indian food was represented in the US, and decided to open up a restaurant that would educate guests on proper regional Indian cuisine.

We also dive into the comparisons of climate between India and Louisiana and how they are able to grow produce that is native to Indian culture. Aside from this we also learn about local artist Jamar Pierce and how he was able to collaborate with Merritt and Tyler in creating a beautiful mural for their restaurant that represents their travels.

SXSW Tacotopia | Austin, TX

During SXSW festival in 2019 I was hired by Tacotopia to create a promotional video for their Art Installation that they put together in an abandoned office on South Congress Street in Austin. I had never done a project like this, but I knew it would be fun because it was just bursting with color at the seams.

They hired about 12 actors to come for the shoot and we had a blast filming each little setup they crammed into every square inch of the space.

Quezzas | Austin, TX

Quezzas is a food truck in Austin, TX that serves up delicious Mexican style pizzas. Think Taco Bell Mexican pizza on steroids. Owner Bobby Perez hired me to make this video to show business booming after Austin City Limits in 2019.

The truck was based just outside Barton Springs Saloon which was about a 5 minute walk from the music festival. Bobby loves showing color and happy guests so I tried to show just that in this video.

Soldiers for Wildlife x Alesmith

In 2019 I was hired by non-profit anti-poaching organization Soldiers for Wildlife to help them bring light to their conservation initiative in Southern Africa to stop the poaching of animals such as Rhinos and Elephants.

I traveled with Founder John Garcia and Vice President Michael Carroll to both Zambia and South Africa to document their efforts with photo and video. A few months after we returned from our trip John called me asking if I could put together a video to promote their collaboration with Alesmith Brewing Co. which is located out of San Diego, CA.

Alesmith created a limited batch of beer called Game Ranger in support of Soldiers for Wildlife. The beer did so well that they are now in negotiations to get the beer made as a main tap for Alesmith.


Niche. was personally my favorite commercial I ever worked on because it came so naturally. At the time, Rachel McCoy (Actor) was a barista at Continental Automotive Group. One day I was getting a coffee trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go for an upcoming G-Wagon commercial. I was talking to Rachel and she mentioned it was her last week. I asked where she was going and she said she was training to hopefully qualify for the Olympics.

Next thing we knew we were at the track filming this commercial. I wanted to help get Rachels name out there and considering she is a badass and so is the G-Wagon, it was kind of the perfect fit.

Our Story |Soldiers for Wildlife


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